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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Felix Jung's view and guide to creating a great Pecha Kucha

Felix Jung's Pecha Kucha presentation Tips
He suggests as many others have to always pick a topic that you have passion in and great interest for. Having a topic that interests you, will make the presentation run smoother. Felix uses note cards to keep himself organized. He says it's more important to remove things you don't need in your presentation, rather than worrying about adding more content to your presentation. Some of his key suggestions about doing a great Pecha Kucha is keeping the slides interesting by using visual aids, such as photos, and keeping the number of photos used under four. Also he suggests using as little text as possible, too much text gets the listener distracted. His third major point is to practice, practice, practice! Pretending the day is here and the audience is awaiting will help better ease nerves on the day of the actual presentation. To keep the time where it should be he suggests keeping in mind that the images chosen for the presentation will speak for themselves. Jung says never to drink before going to speak and go early, doing this will help with the anxiety that builds waiting for your turn. I think this approach is a tool to help relax a person before they give a speech, allow them to be calm and cool when delivering the "speech", and to help them have fun  while giving the presentation.

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