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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

POWERPOINT Live Blog: 11/7/12

Make the presentations interesting, and attention getting. Use bullets effectively.
Always make sure that the topic is something you care about, it will make the presentation more interesting.
Have Structure.
  • Build a great presentation
    • Convincing 
    • Memorable 
    • Scalable 
  • Problem - Pathway - Solution
Give three to four reasons supporting your point. Keep it simple.
Be able to scale and present main points

Have a sort of balance in the slides

Don't use as a prompter.

Break slides up if space is needed.

Simple design rules:
  • One point per slide
  • Few matching colours 
  • Very few fonts
  • Photos, not clipart
Less text. More imagery. Wild imagery.
Use good strong images to add to what you are talking about.
Print Notes, if you have some, on the individual slides.

Get feedback
Always check the room and equipment. Know how it works. Make sure fonts, photos, etc are compatible with all machines.

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