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Friday, November 9, 2012

Live Blog: November 9, 2012

kuler.adobe.com  <---- color schemes

Rethinking the Design of Presentation Slides:
  • Assertion 
  • Evidence
Keep text simple. Not too wordy

Headline, then illustrate to explain
every slide should only say one thing, and be backed up by a visual aid
Don't use defaults, use your own.

You will compose within a specific genre/milleau (PowerPoint)
You will organize your composition:
     linear, spatial, micro-macro-micro, problem/solution, chronological, etc.
Storyboard via Note Cards or Table or slides
Rhetorical Incorporation of Images
"Build" the Digital Presentation for Delivery

Storyboard(ing) 11/12/12:
Used to keep track of the story they want to tell.
Ways to plan out finished product.
Ability to change presentation in slide sorter view to change  the flow of the presentation and edit it.

Print out what you think you want to say, and practice with the time limits.
Put scripts and prompts to rehearse. Makes the presentation more organized.

20 slides 20 seconds: 6:40 (total time)

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