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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Felix Jung's view and guide to creating a great Pecha Kucha

Felix Jung's Pecha Kucha presentation Tips
He suggests as many others have to always pick a topic that you have passion in and great interest for. Having a topic that interests you, will make the presentation run smoother. Felix uses note cards to keep himself organized. He says it's more important to remove things you don't need in your presentation, rather than worrying about adding more content to your presentation. Some of his key suggestions about doing a great Pecha Kucha is keeping the slides interesting by using visual aids, such as photos, and keeping the number of photos used under four. Also he suggests using as little text as possible, too much text gets the listener distracted. His third major point is to practice, practice, practice! Pretending the day is here and the audience is awaiting will help better ease nerves on the day of the actual presentation. To keep the time where it should be he suggests keeping in mind that the images chosen for the presentation will speak for themselves. Jung says never to drink before going to speak and go early, doing this will help with the anxiety that builds waiting for your turn. I think this approach is a tool to help relax a person before they give a speech, allow them to be calm and cool when delivering the "speech", and to help them have fun  while giving the presentation.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Live Blog: November 9, 2012

kuler.adobe.com  <---- color schemes

Rethinking the Design of Presentation Slides:
  • Assertion 
  • Evidence
Keep text simple. Not too wordy

Headline, then illustrate to explain
every slide should only say one thing, and be backed up by a visual aid
Don't use defaults, use your own.

You will compose within a specific genre/milleau (PowerPoint)
You will organize your composition:
     linear, spatial, micro-macro-micro, problem/solution, chronological, etc.
Storyboard via Note Cards or Table or slides
Rhetorical Incorporation of Images
"Build" the Digital Presentation for Delivery

Storyboard(ing) 11/12/12:
Used to keep track of the story they want to tell.
Ways to plan out finished product.
Ability to change presentation in slide sorter view to change  the flow of the presentation and edit it.

Print out what you think you want to say, and practice with the time limits.
Put scripts and prompts to rehearse. Makes the presentation more organized.

20 slides 20 seconds: 6:40 (total time)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

PowerPoint: SlideShare Imitation

Original From Slideshare

My imitation:
*I had to change the font color for the "presented by...." because I was unable to find the original picture, and the black text was hard to read*
Santa Image - Morgue File
Fonts used: Vijaya  &  Poor Richard

I chose this slide because I thought it was catchy, and partially because I'm excited about Christmas shopping! :))
The image right off the bat tells you that the slides proceeding have something to do with Christmas and the Holidays.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

POWERPOINT Live Blog: 11/7/12

Make the presentations interesting, and attention getting. Use bullets effectively.
Always make sure that the topic is something you care about, it will make the presentation more interesting.
Have Structure.
  • Build a great presentation
    • Convincing 
    • Memorable 
    • Scalable 
  • Problem - Pathway - Solution
Give three to four reasons supporting your point. Keep it simple.
Be able to scale and present main points

Have a sort of balance in the slides

Don't use as a prompter.

Break slides up if space is needed.

Simple design rules:
  • One point per slide
  • Few matching colours 
  • Very few fonts
  • Photos, not clipart
Less text. More imagery. Wild imagery.
Use good strong images to add to what you are talking about.
Print Notes, if you have some, on the individual slides.

Get feedback
Always check the room and equipment. Know how it works. Make sure fonts, photos, etc are compatible with all machines.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Morality and Perception

When we look at a magazine today, we might not be seeing the big picture. The picture ad companies don't want us to see. The reality is, pictures in magazines are retouched. According to the video, "publicists hire professionals to photoshop their client's images" before being published in a magazine. The questions raised in these videos are very interesting. The one I find most intriguing is the question of whether or not to use these types of images and whether a warning label should be placed on ads that an image has been retouched. A plethora of American girls, and girls around the world base their self image off of the cover of a magazine. The problem with this is although the images are altered they still lead to some eating disorders and lower self-esteem. I know for a fact that some girls will cut out a picture of a young lady in a magazine and do whatever is possible to achieve that image, healthy or not. From this stand-point I can see where some people may advocate or promote the use of warning labels; because the ads placed in these magazines are harming the well-being of another individual. I believe socially these images are harmful because they can create havoc between girls who are not that "perfect size". However, I do not believe that photo editing should be banned, it is a wonderful tool, and can be used for positive purposes as well.